Supported Organizations

United Way of San Juan County Supports Community Groups


United Way of San Juan County allocated funds to 9 partner programs serving San Juan County residents. The allocations were made possible by donations during the 2021 United Way of San Juan County fundraising.


 “These allocations may help a child struggling in school, a cold-weather shelter for the homeless, a school food program for children who are hungry, or an elder needing help with transportation to remain independent in their home,” said UWSJC President William Morrissey. “Imagine the impact you can have with your donation. The number of needs continues to grow, but we are proud to live in a generous community that takes care of their own.”



Lopez Children’s Center 

Lopez Island Family Resource Center: Building Resiliency and Creating Opportunities 



Orcas Island Community Foundation: Early Childhood Education Initiative 

Orcas Community Resource Center 



San Juan Island Family Resource Center: Family Support Program 

San Juan Island School District: Special Pal Program / Primary Intervention (PIP) 

Cold Weather Shelter 



San Juan Islands Shuttle System: Island Rides 

Whatcom Council on Aging: Meals on Wheels and More in San Juan County


Thank you to the committed volunteers who helped process the applications and recommend the disbursement of funds. Each year we come away with a renewed appreciation of the work accomplished with United Way dollars raised by our community.


Every donation matters and multiplies the United Way impact. This year we must expand the number of donors in the county so that our impact can be larger among all of the islands of San Juan County.  Unexpected health and economic threats have imposed greater needs than any we have ever experienced. Please consider donating now to sustain the lives of the most vulnerable of our neighbors.

Because of your support-United Way of San Juan County has funded community nonprofits delivering programs in our focus areas, including:

  • Early childhood education
  • Primary intervention (PIP)
  • Social services
  • Rental assistance
  • Homeless services
  • Housing
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Life skills
  • Personal financial management
  • Nutrition programs
  • Programs for seniors
  • Programs for the disabled
  • Transportation

The organizations we support are dedicated to improving the skills, well being, and independence of people in our community who may be going through tough times. United Way strives to ensure that no one’s basic needs go unattended and that people who live and work here can thrive.

HOW YOU CAN HELP:  You have trusted us to distribute your contribution where it is most needed among our islands. You can continue to make a difference in so many people's lives. Imagine what we could do towards eradicating poverty in our island communities with your support!

Please DONATE today and promise a better future for our island community. 

You may designate your donation to island or program specifics, just let us know.  Email us at [email protected]