Supported Organizations

2017 Supported Programs

 In addition to our new community initiatives, United Way of San Juan County funds 14 community nonprofits delivering programs in our focus areas, including:

  • Early childhood education
  • Primary intervention (PIP)
  • Social services
  • Rental assistance
  • Homeless services
  • Housing
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Life skills
  • Personal financial management
  • Nutrition programs
  • Programs for seniors
  • Programs for the disabled
  • Transportation

Like United Way SJC, our supported organizations are dedicated to improving the skills, wellbeing, and independence of people in our community who may be going through tough times. Your community safety net, United Way is here to make sure that no one’s basic needs go unattended and that people who live and work here can benefit from all that our islands offer.



Orcas preschools – Children’s House, Kaleidoscope and Montessori – share with United Way the goal of ensuring that our community’s children are 100 percent kindergarten-ready. Working as a sector, each preschool is staffed with exceptional teachers – a combination proven to enhance child outcomes and close the achievement gap!

The mission of Lopez Children’s Center is to provide an environment that nurtures the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of young children and their families. The Lopez Children’s Center PAL program is the only licensed childcare program on Lopez Island, offering year round, full and part day childcare for children from two years old until they graduate from kindergarten. LCC provides well-trained teachers; a safe, stimulating, and welcoming environment; and low adult/child ratios.                       

The Orcas Island School District’s PIP program serves elementary school children who have been identified as being “at-risk” of academic and/or social failure.  Identified children receive individual attention with a trained adult in a safe and nurturing environment on a weekly basis.


Family Support: youth, adults, families, and social services

The Lopez Island Family Resource Center serves individuals from birth to old age with a wide range of programs including Household Supports, Social-Emotional Programs, Learning Opportunities, Youth Development Activities, and Community Initiatives that Advocate for a Just Community. We strive to help all individuals develop their talents and achieve self-sufficiency.

Orcas Community Resource Center advocates for individuals and families in crisis.  Through partnerships with multiple organizations, we ensure islanders have access to mental and physical health services, the means with which to heat their homes, food for their families, assistance when faced with eviction, clothing, dental and vision care, and much more.

The San Juan Island Family Resource Center provides local households of all ages and backgrounds with educational programs and social services that promote health, stability and productivity, and advocates for people in crisis.  SJIFRC’s focus is on helping community members build on strengths and be part of the community is reflected in their motto: “Connect, Nurture, Thrive”



Hospice of San Juan improves the quality of life of the terminally ill by providing guidance and warm, loving supportive help to the dying person and their family and to keep intact the dignity, integrity and personal choices of the dying person.

The mission of Hearts and Hands at Orcas Senior Center is to train volunteers to provide practical and emotional support to assist isolated, frail, ill, elderly and/or disabled adults to maintain independence and improve their quality of life. Friendly visits, caregiver respite, light chores, repairs, yard work, errands, on-island transportation, and opportunities for socialization are provided for both weekly Care Recipients and other qualified elders as needed. This assistance is often a key factor in enabling an elder to continue to live in his or her home.


Countywide Programs: Seniors and people with disabilities

Whatcom County on Aging’s San Juan Senior Nutrition Program helps seniors maintain independence and helps eliminate senior hunger by providing nutritionally balanced meals to seniors on Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Islands. This includes home delivered meals to the housebound senior (Meals on Wheels) and community meals at local senior centers.

Washington Vocational Services has provided services to persons with disabilities since 1976. WVS meets the needs of rural communities by identifying strengths, interests and abilities of individuals that match local business needs, reducing barriers and creating opportunities.

The Roundtowner, San Juan Islands Shuttle System, was created to provide or affordable transportation for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the rural general public in the San Juan Islands.


HOW YOU CAN HELP:  We invite you to designate funds to your program of choice! Or you may give by island, or, as many do, trust us to distribute your contribution where it is most needed. One hundred percent of designated funds go towards program expenses, and as always, 99% stays right here in San Juan County. We are still small, yet we have made a difference in so many people's lives. Imagine what we could do towards eradicating poverty in our island communities if we had more resources. Please help today and ensure a better future for the San Juan Islands tomorrow. 


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