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United Way of San Juan County is a funder of local San Juan County nonprofits working in health, education, and income stability. In addition, we are partnering on several crucial community initiatives. Working in education, we are piloting programs that provide afterschool reading enrichment and a pilot after school food program for students on reduced lunch. We support wrap-around educational enrichment programs, preschool scholarships, and Primary Intervention Programs, along with programs for our seniors, our island homeless, our disabled, and more. 


URGENT NEED ON SJI: One of our supported organizations, Friday Harbor Elementary School's Primary Intervention Program (PIP), urgently needs $3000 to continue its program through 2017. As you may know, PIP funds help children like Joey (below), who was presenting behavior problems and are having trouble concentrating in the classroom.

A PIP counselor reports:

Joey, age 7, was referred to the program because his parents had been going through a divorce. He would become angry and frustrated very easily in the classroom at his teacher and his peers, or very sad and would cry. He had a hard time compromising with his peers and needed things to always go his way. There were also many conflicts at home. He joined a divorce group with other students in his grade. With the PIP counselor, he read books and worked through a workbook that helped facilitate talking about thoughts and feelings about divorce. Being around other students helped normalize those feelings and the divorce. He started off unwilling to participate, but with each week he began to express himself more and more, both in the group time and in the playroom. He looked forward to his time each week with his special pal and group. In the classroom he became more in control of his feelings and his relationship with his peers improved. It was also reported that things at home had become easier with him and there were less conflicts. He improved in all areas of evaluation: task-orientation, behavior control, assertiveness, and peer social skills.

Would you be willing to help children like Joey?

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