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Spotlight on Service: Friday Harbor Elementary School PIP Program


From Alexis Hauck, Primary Intervention Program Coordinator:

Thank you, United Way of San Juan County!

The Primary Intervention Program, also known as "PIP" or "Special Pal Program at Friday Harbor Elementary School, would like to thank the United Way of San Juan County for their continued support. The PIp Program works with students from Kindergarten through 3rd grade. As we know, children's lives are full of changes, most of which they have no control over. These changes can cause worry, sadness, and stress in their lives and can make it difficult for them to concentrate in the classroom. The students in the program come once a week to the "playroom" where they have an opportunity to play out these worries or feelings. Through an accepting relationship and encouragement from a trained "Special Pal, these students discover their strengths, learn self-control, and how to make appropriate and responsible choices. 

The PIP Program is vital to the health of our elementary students. The United Way of San Juan County helps support this program and without their assistance, the PIP Program would not be possible. Thank you, United Way of San Juan County for your dedicated support. It has made such a positive impact on our young population. 


With much gratitude,

Alexis Hauck




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