Cold Weather Shelter

  * On any given night, there has to be two volunteers in order for the shelter to open, so there is never just one person alone.

  * Hours last year were from 7pm to 7am (slight fluctuations do happen in order to accommodate varying situations). During those hours, we check in the guests, set them up with bedding, possible toiletries, and offer and prepare dinner and breakfast. We all sleep there overnight. It's a fairly large space we stay in, has a full kitchen, separate bathrooms and wi-fi. Honestly, it's pretty cozy. Volunteers can bring laptops and/or other items they may need or want as well.
  * There is a $75 stipend for overnight volunteers. If you sign up for a night and the shelter does not open for some reason, you will receive $10.

Conditions for the shelter to open:

1)  Temperature must get to 34° or below.
2)  A guest (only one) has to call and leave a voicemail at (360) 298-9301 that they want to stay at the shelter; and
3)  Two volunteers must sign up for that night.

Would you like to sign up to volunteer? Click here.

Questions? Email [email protected]