About Us


United Way of San Juan County


Our Mission

The mission of United Way of San Juan County is to advance the common good throughout the county by enhancing our local agencies to meet vital needs of our community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to actively partner with non-profit organizations and agencies to create opportunities for a better life for all of our residents.  We collaborate with the public, private, and educational sectors as we come together promoting education readiness and success, financial stability, and healthy communities.

Our Key Community Values


Community Impact

Individually and collectively, we make a positive difference and a have a measurable impact in each of our island communities.


United Way of San Juan County respects the uniqueness of each of our communities and its local leadership and seeks best practices to meet the differing needs on each island.


It takes whole communities working together to achieve long-term, lasting change and advance the common good. No one can do this alone, and together we can do so much more.


We maintain our integrity and commitment in our relationships to donors, partner agencies, and communities.


We hold ourselves accountable for achieving results with the resources entrusted to us.


We work to show how the generosity of individuals and communities can be a force for positive change at a deep and meaningful level. 

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