Our Funding Priorities

Our Funding Priorities and Criteria

United Way of San Juan County has been working since 1995 to enhance the ability of local agencies to meet the vital needs in our community. As always, our funding priorities reflect our dedication to building healthy and resilient individuals, families, and communities, ensuring that all county residents have their basic needs met, including food, shelter, and a healthy living environment; physical and mental health and wellbeing; and safety from violence and abuse.  

We have recently added a new component to our efforts that include community initiatives in our priority areas of health, education, and income stability. As such we increasingly value community partnerships and activities that unite people around a common effort to address the root problems of poverty and inequality in San Juan County. 

The following criteria are required for a grant application to be considered:  

  • The agency must be an IRS certified 501c(3) nonprofit organization
  • Awarded funds must stay wholly in San Juan County to benefit island residents
  • Intended outcomes must fall within the scope of UWSJC’s mission and funding priorities: We only fund projects working in our impact areas of education, health, and income stability. 
  • The agency must not engage in discrimination based on age, gender, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability in the delivery of services.
  • The agency must certify compliance with Patriot Act requirements.
  • We consider a variety of different requests including operating costs and staffing, but we do not fund capital improvements. We also do not fund individuals directly or religious of political organizations.
  • Applications must be received by due date. There are no exceptions.
  • Following notice of funding, the agency must be able to comply with United Way contractual obligations as listed in the Supported Program Agreement.